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Our images are created with film that has been scanned to high resolution digital files or captured with high resolution digital cameras. Our giclee fine art prints are produced using the latest technology incorporating archival printers, inks, and papers, including Canon and Epson, that are rated for 70 plus years of life when properly displayed under UV glass or plexiglas. Our notecards are individually printed on matte paper using the same archival technology and are available individually or in boxed sets of 10 cards (2 cards each of five different images or all 10 cards having the same image, all with envelopes).


8 x 10 prints = $35.00 each
11 x 14 prints = $65.00 each
16 x 20 prints = $95.00 each
20 x 24 prints = $125.00 each
30 x 40 prints = $225.00 each
Special print sizes are available upon request.
Postage / handling fee = 15% of order total.


All images on the landscape, wildlife and general pages are available as note cards.  Please indicate the image number when ordering

Individual cards with envelopes = $4.00 each
Boxed sets of 10 cards with
envelopes = $35.00 each
Postage / handling = 15% of order total


The gallery images and notecards may be purchased through this site via the product information page and contact page or through our secure storefront site at

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